Measures that help INSPIRE people, deliver big energy savings and generate SUCCESS Our session at this year’s NEMEX on organisational behaviour change was very well attended and we had a really good discussion. People agreed that organisations in the UK are still struggling with the change part of their energy management strategies. Most organisations still waste a large proportion of the energy they buy. Many have developed energy policies... Read More

ISO 50001 – OUR WAY

Last month a few of our Associates got together and we realised we have a dream team for helping organisations work towards ISO 50001, the new International Energy Management System (EnMS) Standard. If designed well, an EnMS can help make the whole process as friction-free and attractive as possible for everyday champions to get more involved and do their bit. Sarah Parker, one of our Associates, talks about how to make the most out of the opportunity. ——————————————– ISO... Read More


At this new SmartLife Low Carbon Centre in Cambridge, they decided to make the plant room wall transparent so people can see in and observe what’s there; this was one of Mike Malina’s ideas from Energy Solutions Associates. This has synergy with the way we go about our facilitation and training; being able to put ourselves in the shoes of everyday champions and helping them turn themselves into smart savers and leaders. We believe... Read More