With all change in 2021, some of us, with some of our associates and clients, have been keen to develop a new channel for more general sustainability action particularly for non-specialists within organisations i.e. what we call everyday champions.


The big idea here is for a Big Green Academy.

‘Big Green’ is the collaborative brand we use when we work with others. Academy is in the general sense, both a forum for discussion and debate, and online proficiency courses to support new skills and action. Overall it will be a place where we can learn from each other around energy and sustainability issues and promote good initiatives going on.

We started working on this back in September 2020, using the experience of working on collaborative workplace approaches gained over the last decade or so. The idea has been progressing quite nicely in between other things going on and we’re becoming very excited about the prospects of it.

We hope to soft launch a conversation and new website to kick something off early in 2021.

  • What should the service for a forum/community focus on?
  • Which challenges and opportunities should online courses initially target?

Please start thinking as we’ll need your input to make this a success.  So watch this space.


What is the Big Green Idea?

The Big Green Academy is for you if you want to join in with solving our energy & sustainability problems at work, regardless of whether it’s your specific job or not.

Many organizations are now looking to more actively delegate and empower action to help deliver Net Zero. This needs to involve all of us more, from different roles or perspectives, so we are tackling the challenge more collaboratively together.

The Big idea for the Big Green Academy is to do just that – to be a virtual forum for all of us. A safe place where we can collaborate, share stories, get advice & ideas to help overcome our frustrations and achieve our goals, either within our organizations or in unison.

A central part of this is to take you on a personal journey to enhance your own skills and performance guided by our proficiency-led courses.

You can help your organization’s journey towards Net Zero and become more sustainable, cost-effective and collaborative at work.

Linking work, forums and courses creates a circular way of continual learning and improvement, building on existing and proven knowledge, by learning from each other.

To facilitate this, we will work in partnership with wider industry groups such as the Energy Services and Technology Association (ESTA)


Get involved & Join us in this Journey with Benefits

  • Join in. Understand where your skills are now & where you need them in the future.
  • Share ideas. Become more of an everyday champion for energy & sustainability ideas at work.
  • Take action. Improve your skills & actions guided by our courses & qualifications.  Make good decisions.
  • Benefit at work. Increased job security, recognition and reward by delivering clear benefits for your organization.
  • Be the change you want to see. Stretch your own achievements, challenges & experiences.



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