“Businesses in the UK waste on average 20-30% of the energy they buy” Carbon Trust


Why Energy & Sustainability management through people

People solutions are often the quickest and most cost effective way of targeting the energy and other waste that is inevitably present in the majority of our systems and operations.

By connecting behaviour change with technical and design solutions, we have helped organisations deliver millions of pounds of energy savings and sustainability improvements.


Who we work with

We work with airports, government estates, universities, hospitals, retail and many others – to help them cut costs, improve customer service, enhance reputations and reduce environmental impacts.

Most companies have policies in place and have invested in technology, but we find many still struggle to deliver the savings as they are not delivering the behaviour change required.



Our approach is collaborative. We aim to partner with organisations, and their energy and sustainability specialists, to help create and refine the framework, performance, skills and tools for their colleagues to effectively contribute to continual improvement.

Approaches will vary depending on the organisation and its priorities.


Example Approaches

Everyday Champions are a proven approach. Successful networks often include lead champions, key-connectors, ambassadors, and collaborators, all acting as co-creators in developing the approach.

ISO 50001 Energy Management System that provides the framework for you to develop your own approach in a way that ensures sustainability performance remains in place and you transfer learning into workplace best practice.

Sustainable Building Design Working with design teams and project managers positioning and assuring for sustainability standards and design briefs.

Energy & sustainability improvement trackers, incentives and rewards that cultivate local responsibility for performance and empowers people to get involved through awareness, energy treasure hunts and other events.

Our Energy Credit system can support this by measuring, verifying and tracking savings delivered by people and teams.