“Having difficulty delivering change or could you just do with some extra savings?”


Most organisations still waste a large proportion of the energy they buy. Many have policies and have invested in technology, but many are still struggling to deliver the behaviour change required for increasingly bigger savings, or they need to know more.


We are here to help

The Discovery Mill specialises in energy and environmental management but with a difference. We focus on the ‘Discovery’ option, helping organisations to put their people at the heart of success.

We offer hands-on and combined technical and behavioural support to help clients create the green sparks and momentum needed to deliver multiple benefits for the organisation and all the people involved.

  • We help deliver bigger energy and environmental savings and positive change for minimum cost.
  • Our approach makes sure savings are locked-in long-term, within buildings and estates.
  • We leave our clients with the tools to enable them to be leaders in their industries.


The big idea

To mill the hard work out of energy and environmental management by making the whole process as friction-free as possible for everyday champions to get more involved and do their bit for their organisation.


Our experience

Our work is proven – our approach has already translated into and delivered millions of pounds of savings, working with organisations such as Heathrow. We are working hard to continuously push boundaries and deliver increasingly better value.

We have experience in working for: Commercial | Retail | Transport | Airports | Hotels & Leisure | Hostels | Data-centres | Healthcare | Education | Universities | Manufacturing | R&D