This is your opportunity to speak at the leading energy, procurement and renewables exhibition: NEMEX 2012. NEMEX (The National Energy Management Exhibition) is currently in the process of collecting papers to be included in the NEMEX seminar programme.  The NEMEX 2011 seminar programme, FREE to all visitors proved to be a popular part of the show, with over 100 industry experts speaking from DECC, Siemens plc, E.ON Sustainable Energy, British... Read More


I’m proud to announce the first of our eFacilitator support packages.  eConstruct is for clients and construction teams, offering help with the people engagement part of a development project, to ensure a new facility is ‘user pulled’ and is effectively made for its CUSTOMERS, made for PURPOSE and made for the ENVIRONMENT.   Within our strong team of Associates and Champions, we have the skills and experience to ensure that the client, customer... Read More