OUR DISCOVERY PYRAMID gives a snapshot of our approach and how it all fits together; showing a clear line of sight to delivering ‘best value’, making sure you only use what you need. It provides a structure to support ‘everyday champions’ and turn them into ‘smart savers’, using their local knowledge, expertise and creativity.   The toolkit is a proven formula for success, having been developed while working for many different types... Read More


According to sus-it if we bought energy saving white goods for our homes we could each save on average £727 and over 2.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions a year! At a recent Big Green Event I facilitated (for a University estates team), we included a focus session on helping staff think through the total life cost impact of their purchasing decisions.  The procurement director took us through a very simple model to use. We are looking to buy some white... Read More


“We did it!” said the recent email I received from Kevin Turnbull, Energy Manager at Birmingham Airport.  The airport was on a tight time-line to install the 50kW peak installation of solar electric photovoltaics (PV) before the feed-in tariffs are severely cut. This is the first renewable energy installation on the airport and is part of their much wider and successful programme to improve energy performance, cut costs and reduce carbon emissions.  ... Read More


“Brilliant” To help energise and commit people and staff To give them the tools they need To develop skillsets and performance To help people influence others and facilitate change We all need to know more and more ways to draw out the best of ideas (the answers), keep up the momentum and deliver on-going continuous improvement. Leadership workshops are designed to help organisations do this by developing and putting in place the structure... Read More