• To help energise and commit people and staff
  • To give them the tools they need
  • To develop skillsets and performance
  • To help people influence others and facilitate change

We all need to know more and more ways to draw out the best of ideas (the answers), keep up the momentum and deliver on-going continuous improvement.

Leadership workshops are designed to help organisations do this by developing and putting in place the structure to support everyday champions and turn them into smart savers.

The Who, Why, What and How?

For company managers & staff – The local experts

  • Be confident in a proven formula for success
  • Take pride in ‘Only using what you need’
  • Develop green eyes & environmental expertise, giving them an edge for the future

For energy and environmental managers – The local gurus

  • Helps accelerate the behavioural change part of your strategy, offering a fresh pair of eyes
  • It works for you – invisible, non-threatening, trustworthy & tangible
  • More people = less stress in hitting targets and more £ & CO2 savings and reputation credited to you

For suppliers & service partners – Specialist support

  • Promotes the bigger picture to help translate strategy into action that works
  • Bridges the gap between technology, service & behaviours
  • Maps the right people to the right projects at the right time

The Workshop (typically a ½ day depending on the objectives)

We work closely with key stakeholders to agree and define the target audience, workshop structure and content.  The tone is typically supporting, interactive and engaging using presentations, group exercises, questionnaires for structured feedback, and (depending on the audience) quizzes to break up the sessions. 

The structure is based on our On-demand energy management concept.  This is an all-encompassing approach focused on ‘Best Value’, developing ways to continuously review what the customer needs and delivering it in a more and more efficient way.  In energy terms, it therefore looks to reduce total power and operational time to match the customer’s demand, eliminating any ‘non-value add’ and avoidable waste.  To deliver this, it particularly draws on involving and challenging the people who are closest to and best placed to know about the (changing) needs of building users – those who can best understand opportunities for carbon reduction and most importantly are in a position to ensure changes are sustained after the programme finishes. 

Key outcomes delivered:  

  • Champions energised and committed to supporting energy and carbon reduction goals.
  • The answers on how best to improve performance and save energy in their local areas.
  • Energy saving ideas and projects that can be fed directly into action plans.
  • Ideas and recommendations for further performance improvement through people – that could feed into future campaigns and methods to facilitate local ownership and leadership going forward.

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