The Energy Institute (EI) provides training opportunities for energy managers through a three-level energy management training framework. This is designed to support professionals in developing their skills and knowledge throughout their careers, from the early stages up to their path for gaining Chartership status.

I’m one of the EI’s Lead trainers, course developer and tutor to support the EI and energy managers taking the three level for EI Energy Management courses.

Level 1 ‘Certificate in Energy Management Essentials’

Available either online or as a 5-day classroom course, this is a practical introduction to energy management recommended for those who are new to the field and want to get an understanding of the day-to-day aspects of energy management and gain confidence in conducting an energy audit.

Level 2 ‘Energy Management Professional’

A 200-hour online course that provides a detailed overview of the essential scientific theory as well as the managerial and commercial aspects of an energy management role.

Level 3 ‘Advanced Energy Manager’

A 12-day classroom only course ideal for experienced energy managers who are interested in achieving the highest level of competence in the field or applying for Chartered Energy Manager status.

Short online course modules based around level 1 and 2 topics are also available, providing the opportunity to develop your knowledge in a more flexible way.

For more information on the EI’s energy management training levels, visit the EI’s website.

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