ENERGY within Croner-i Environment & Sustainability

I’ve supported Croner as their Consultant Editor for energy management since 2011. Over the last two years we’ve been transferring and updating content from the original Croner Energy Management (industry bible for professionals) over to the Croneri Environment & Sustainability online platform.  The content is continually being updated and reviewed; for example, we’re currently adding a toolkit and new topic for ISO 50001:2018.

The range of energy topics now available within the Environment & Sustainability subscription include the following:

General energy management topics:

  • Energy management
  • Energy audits
  • Behaviour change to drive savings
  • Energy procurement
  • Financial investment
  • Monitoring and targeting

Specialist energy management topics:

  • Air-conditioning and building management systems
  • Building fabric
  • Electric motors and power
  • Fleet fuel management
  • Heating and ventilation
  • Lighting and controls
  • Sustainable energy sources

Croner-i Environment and Sustainability is a tool for environment, sustainability, energy and waste managers. It provides expert, practical advice on a wide range of environmental topics and ensures you are up-to-date and know how to comply with environmental regulations. The service includes instant access to legislation, British Standards, audit checklists, case reports and news and is supported by a team of experts who you can contact for extra advice and help.

For more information, see Croneri’s website.

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