Do you know your ultimate levels of energy waste inherent in your existing processes and facilities?

When looking at energy in terms of its service requirements, we find the levels of avoidable energy waste (in red) really jump out at you, compared to the minimum energy input required (illustrated in green).   We think of this as ‘waste’ as its adds no value or benefit to our customers.

‘Exergy’ describes the maximum useful work can be extracted from the energy we consume. Exergy analysis is a powerful tool that can help evaluate and analyse the minimum amount of energy required for our processes / facilities and so highlights your current levels of avoidable energy waste.  Some people like to think of this in terms of energy productivity as well as energy efficiency.

The only way to do this is engage and bring together the key people involved, in the overall process, and tap into their local knowledge and creativity. This is what we call ‘energy management through people’ and is often one of the quickest and lowest cost ways of delivering savings and energy compliance at scale.

See ‘Doing it for themselves’, as an example case-study approach for ISO 50001.


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