Season’s greetings and a happy new year from us all.

We continue to love living down in Devon. Our house project is complete and the boys are growing up fast.  The second sunspace has now finished in the house.  The latest project is setting up an aquaponics system in the garden. The office is still just across the road so we have a great work life balance.

On the work front, one highlight has been a collaborative project involving ten key business partners at Heathrow, helping them develop a shared vision for working more closely together going forward; with the aim to help create a zero carbon airport by 2050, at an affordable cost whilst being positive for all.  It’s potentially a very exciting initiative which is demonstrating what can be done through collaboration; watch this space.

In support of the industry, we’ve just created a new ISO 50001 topic and toolkit for Croner-i, now available on-line. Another exciting initiative for 2019 is with the Energy Institute.  We’ve been commissioned to develop two new training modules for their new look course for advanced energy managers: one module is on strategic control systems and the other on behaviour change.  The new look course will be available later on next year.   Contact the EI for more details.

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