More organisations are appreciating that Behaviour Change is fundamental to delivering sustainable energy savings and performance improvement.  However, many still struggle with their change programmes and become disillusioned when energy savings don’t result or even start to diminish over time.  There’s a lot of work to do to make this a main stream option and there’s great potential for us all.

The Energy Services and Technology Association (ESTA), with its diverse membership, has agreed to lead an exciting new initiative in 2019 for a new UK wide working group.  To help launch the idea, at ESTA‘s November Energy Conference, I was privileged to have been asked to present within the main conference session and we hosted an inaugural open lunchtime discussion. We need people to get involved and input into the development of what we do.

Mitchell Rayner, a Cardiff University student, is also conducting some research looking at personal motivators to save energy in the workplace – his questionnaire doesn’t take long to complete and Mitchell will feedback results to everyone who’s taken part.  Please support this good work.

Why do it questionnaire – pdf version

Why do it questionnaire – online version

View a you-tube version of my presentation

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