This summer we have been working with the Heathrow Retail team supporting them with delivering the first fit-out designs of 80 retail units within the new Terminal 2 at Heathrow.

We are helping them by applying our ‘Energy & sustainability management through people’ approach – they’re a great team and working with retailer design teams, we are together all putting in the foundations for best practice in retail sustainability that we’re all proud of.  The opportunity for everyone is to lead on this subject and learn how to do more.

This project is still very much in progress – we’ll report back next year with lessons and early results as the building becomes operational.

“The Discovery Mill is an excellent company who is really good at turning a requirement into a practical and deliverable solution – that is one of their key strengths. They do a great job.”  Martin Rayner, Head of Retail Delivery Terminal 2, Heathrow Airport


Energy & sustainability management through people

LEAD and LEARN Sustainability Workshops

What’s involved - Working with the team to define a (strategic) approach that links the fit-outs with ‘whole-life’ sustainability – including energy & environmental targeting, guidance notes and good practice examples, a lead champion toolkit and back-up ‘on-demand’ support from Discovery Mill specialist associates as required.  Energy, water, refrigerants, materials and waste issues are being covered.


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