SUCCEED 2011 is our collaborative research & development project for 2011.

The aim is to develop a set of tools and management systems that:

1. Help give confidence to building owner operators by locking-in savings long-term,
2. Foster a sense of accomplishment and pride in getting things done,
3. Are proven and tested within existing operations, as a cost effective integrated solution.

This short survey is our first step. We have lots of ideas – we need your help to give us a steer on what would be most worthwhile for you.


We are also looking for building owner operators and service partners to get involved.  Please indicate your interest on the form below.

- We can offer direct added value by running INSPIRE events and EXPLORE performance improvement projects within existing operations as part of the project.

Your help is much appreciated.

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Our short-hand
‘On-demand’ means ‘making absolutely sure you only use what you need’.
‘In-House’ means using your own staff and resources to manage the process, taking advantage of work you already do and drawing on tools and specialist support as required.

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