Those that came along to the aM&T conference in Coventry last month, would have seen that the Big green ball is back, making an appearance on the Discovery Mill stand. This means, we’ve dusted down the ball and accompanying big green event collateral and offering it as an option that can be used for energy and sustainability management through people projects again.

The big green ball was originally launched at Heathrow Airport back in 2009 and has since been used for various client energy through people projects ranging from airports and universities (often used for big green events and our training programmes for everyday champions) to working in partnership with Amey along-side our Big Green Solutions app on an energy performance contract.

The big green ball represents the big green challenge and is often randomly moved around an estate to help generate the buzz.  Facilitated events, energy treasure hunts, night sweeps or other tactical activities are used to help engage and involve operational teams along with the facilitates and energy management specialists.  The big idea here is to connect people up to identify where the avoidable energy waste is, that’s often remained hidden, creating big green ideas which are then turned into big green actions to drive every increasing energy savings.

We’re offering Big green solutions again as a generic campaign brand that can be used by clients and partners, if appropriate, without additional cost (as its previously been paid for).

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