“How useful would it be to always have to hand a continuously expanding log of useful tips, tricks and truths?”

I always thought it would be great if operations managers, energy leaders and engineers could swap and share their best energy saving tips, tricks and truths so that no one struggles for new messages and ideas. Well, here’s your chance. 

I have started things off with an example for each.  I will periodically add to the following list:

  1. TIP ‘a classic’ but often it comes with big results: Reducing your room temperature by 1°C in winter can reduce heating costs by around 10%.
  2. TRICK: To make exponential numbers easier to understand, simply divide 70 by the % to give you an approximate doubling or halving time.   Thus energy consumption increasing 10% a year = a doubling of consumption in 7 years!
  3. TRUTH: The Carbon Trust estimates that every year £2.4 billion, 21% of total spent by UK businesses on energy, is wasted.

To contribute your own favorites,
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