WELCOME TO DISCOVERY (by James Brittain)

Energy management through people

You often hear people say “You need investment and technology to deliver big savings in energy”.  We have discovered you can deliver much more when you work closely with people and give them the tools they need.  I know others have as well. 

The Discovery Mill was set up to facilitate connections, mill ideas and pioneer support, tools and management systems that help businesses and organisations put ‘green’ fire into the belly of their teams and make it easier for people to lead up action for energy management on the ground. 

- Greater people involvement means bigger savings and less stress in hitting targets. 
- Making connections means more confidence in delivering change and meeting tougher financial and environmental challenges.

Why waste time and effort working in isolation when you can draw on expertise, skills and tools to accelerate your progress and give you the edge?

There are more than 30 million people working in this country, equating to an enormous number of potential everyday energy champions who could be making big savings – but the vast majority are not being given the opportunity.


In January 2007, I started a new job as Energy Manager for Heathrow Airport.  We had a big target and no capital funds available at the time.  I was very fortunate to work with some great people and learnt a lot about people and behaviour; not only did we deliver good savings in 2007, but a further two years on we had surprised even ourselves – we had delivered on big medium-term targets, in half the time and half the budget than we thought possible.

I use this story as these results at Heathrow did not rely on big investment. We had no money when I started.  It took people, ideas and action – success was thanks to everyday champions and leaders working hard on the ground, getting people involved who know how their operation runs inside out.

It is these people who are the real success makers.  To bring about change, they may sometimes have to work against colleagues who see energy management as a distraction, going against other operational objectives.  As this might constitute a ‘local crime’, these energy leaders may even need to be more like agent provocateurs.  Yes, technology and investment offer great savings – but, on their own they cannot be the total solution.  All too often we see technology ‘added in’ that is just not delivering.

The Discovery Mill is dedicated to these energy managers, agent provocateurs, everyday champions and change-makers – people leading up energy management on the ground – to support them with services and tools to help generate the buzz, develop key relationships, challenge and shake it up and lock-in the strategy and systems required, whilst getting something back; the “what’s in it for them”. 

Hearts & minds – Training & workshops – Carbon & energy strategy
Continuous improvement – Toolkits & management systems -Energy management support

Remember people are at the heart of energy management success. 

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