Strategy Strategy and energy reviews are about taking the time to understand where you are and help establish your local strategy to work towards the vision, in a way that optimises across all your objectives & requirements. A good strategy helps make it friction free from the start. We can apply our work to operational, development and infrastructure projects as well as management systems for example based on ISO 50001 and ISO 14001. We work... Read More


    “Having difficulty delivering change or could you just do with some extra savings?” Most organisations still waste a large proportion of the energy they buy.  Many have policies and have invested in technology, but many are still struggling to deliver the behaviour change required for increasingly bigger savings, or they need to know more. We are here to help The Discovery Mill specialises in energy and environmental management... Read More


    By spending 20 minutes ‘every day’, anyone can champion sustainability, make a big difference and discover big benefits for themselves.   Our Training provides the skills, capability and mind-set for everyday champions and significant energy users to drive continual improvement from just 20 minutes a day. Our unique courses were developed after running hugely successful training events for everyday champions across many industry... Read More


      We draw on a strong team of partners to combine the right skills for the right project at the right time – coming together to give our clients the support they are looking for, focused on a commitment to deliver best value. JAMES BRITTAIN CEng MEI MEng MSc, Director, Energy & Sustainability management and Behaviour change Consultant James has successfully helped deliver millions of pounds of benefits for organisations.... Read More


  Apps and toolkits provide passive support, and quick management systems, to make the process as easy as possible for everyday champions to deliver at scale. Our ‘Energy Credit’ tracks savings delivered by people and teams. Trackers, incentives and rewards are often key ingredients to ensure effective continual improvement is delivered at scale. Big Green Solutions is our generic App that can provide support. In its simplest form,... Read More


“Do you have any ideas to generate a buzz whilst keeping it all fresh?” There are of course lots of ways to engage people – here are 7 which I hope are the ‘not so obvious’.  I would love to hear about any that have worked well, or not so well, for you – please contribute by commenting below. - Big green events - Accompanied energy walk-round surveys - Innovation trials - Speed sharing - Operational feedback - Video sharing - Beyond... Read More


The Discovery Mill is born out of what we know works well – developed from over 15+ years’ experience in energy and environmental management and learnt from pushing boundaries and delivering success. In this time, I have been privileged to work with a wide range of organisations and facilities; as Energy Manager for Heathrow airport, Associate and (for a short time) Associate Director with ABS consulting, Sustainability Director for Natural... Read More


This post has been superceeded by the latest version of The 5 levels of energy management Do you know: “What type of energy leader you are?” “What level you want to be or need to be in the future?” “How you perform compared to everyone else?” “Which of your behaviours can you strengthen and which do you need to work on?” DISCOVER FOR YOURSELF AND GIVE YOURSELF AN EDGE. We are developing a set of ‘typical’ profiles for different... Read More


PLUG-IN & RELEASE YOUR POTENTIAL This first case-study aims to give you a flavour of the approach to plug into ‘on-demand’ – ‘making sure you only use what you need’.    A key focus is getting the engagement right. I started thinking about these concepts some years ago while commissioning some lighting controls for a hospital trust with Patrick Kelly (ex EX-OR Lighting Controls).  Over the last few years, I have worked closely... Read More